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Services & Rates

All dogs are fed Native Dog Food twice daily and aired after each feeding with Age and Sex appropriate groups. Monthly heartworm and flea/tick preventatives are provided and administered by Leatherwood Kennels. The preventatives' cost will be invoiced monthly. All rates are monthly, unless noted otherwise.

Puppy Head Start:  3-6 Months - $60/Hour                       

Give your puppy a jump start on his Obedience and/or Retriever Training. You and your puppy will learn the basic commands with plenty of fun.  One-hour sessions that you can utilize until your puppy is ready for Formal Obedience. Price includes building-block sessions with at-Home Assignments. 

Obedience I:  6 Months & Up - $600/Month

We begin with the basics:  Sit; Here; Heel and progress to Loose- then Off-Lead.  We incorporate sitting upon entering and exiting a kennel or building, no jumping and walking nicely beside you.  Minimum of two months is required; additional training time may be recommended to achieve the desired result. Monthly Preventives are additional. 

Obedience II:  6 Months & Up - $700/Month

If you are not ready to commit to our standard Obedience Training, you may be Interested in our one month program.  The basics are the same as above, but your dog will not be as advanced under this training option.  Additional training time may be Recommended to achieve the desired result.  Monthly Preventives are additional.

Beginning Gun Dog:  6 Months & Up - $700/Month                     

We start training with Obedience, but also incorporate birds and marks to get your dog enthusiastic about retrieving.  Then, we will move on to Collar Conditioning, Force Fetch, Deliver to Hand and Simple Doubles. This dog could compete in AKC Junior Hunter or UKC Started Retriever Hunt Tests. A minimum of four months is required. This rate includes Preventatives and Birds.

Intermediate Gun Dog / Hunt Test:  10 Months & Up - $700/Month

Once your dog has learned the basics in our Beginning Gun Dog Training, then he moves onto Pile Work, 'T' Pattern, Steadiness, Complex Doubles, Swim By and Memory Blinds. This dog could compete in AKC Senior Hunter or UKC Seasoned Retriever Hunt Tests. This rate includes Preventatives and Birds.

Boarding - $20/Day                                                                                                   
We offer Boarding for all Dogs. Pricing is our Daily Rate per Dog. We offer Training and/or Walks for a small charge. There never is an additional charge for administering medication(s) brought in by the Owner.      

Copy of Current Vaccinations Required Upon Check-in.