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 Goosecreek's Fetch'em Up Canton MH

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(CH Sand Bar's No Laughing Matter x CH Redlion's Goose Creek Gal SH)

Canton was Linwood's second Chesapeake Bay Retriever and aptly named after the first Chesapeake. She has a strong show pedigree, but don't let her good looks fool you. She is a great Hunting Companion and excellent competitor. She competed and placed in several Qualifying Stakes in AKC Field Trials and is an AKC MAster Hunter. She qualified to run in the 2010 AKC Master National. Canton is now retired and enjoying long walks and swims around the farm.

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  • DOB 12.03.2001
  • AKC #SN88524906
  • OFA Hips - Good
  • OFA Elbows -
  • CERF - Normal
  • EIC - Clear
  • DM - At Risk

~January 2014~

It was a Long, Tough Winter. Within days of having said Good-bye to Amos, it was Canton's time to go as well.

She was At-Risk for DM, A genetic disease that affects several breeds. While a DNA test can confirm whether a dog is At-Risk / Carrier / Clear, studies indicate that maybe 1 of 10 At-Risk dogs will develop the clinical signs. Canton was in that small group.

Canton was the PERFECT dog. Great Drive, Desire and Trainability got her far. Not only had she placed in several Qualified All-Age Stakes, she breezed through her AKC Master Hunter Title and qualified for Master National, She was a Hunting Machine and Perfect on the Line for Hunting and Competition. Her last big hunt was in Arkansas in 2011, where she retrieved her group's daily limit of ducks and/or geese.

Her disease began to show shortly after that hunting season, beginning with a bit of foot shuffling and ending with gradual loss of use of her rear limbs. Our great friend, George Marthinuss, lent us his wheel-cart that he'd used for his gal, Dallas, who succumbed to the same disease. From the first day we hooked up Canton, she FLEW across the farm. Her face lit up like a child's....Mama C had WHEELS, BABY, and she knew how to use them!. And, she did, for almost Two years.

During the Late Fall of 2013, her disease progressed. Her eyes still were bright, she'd catch baby carrots mid-air, and she still could walk for short bouts in her cart. Her Heart and Soul were NOT giving up, but her body no longer had a say.

Canton was the PERFECT Chesapeake: Hard-Charging; Hard-Working; Stoic; Obedient; Loving; Great Mother; Wonderful Grandmama to daughter, Snap's, pups and all of our retriever girls' pups.

We know that you're running hard and free, and keeping all the youngsters in check. We wouldn't have changed a thing, Mama C. We Love you just the way you are.

~12.03.2001 - 01.03.2014~